Cup 219

coffee cupToday’s Cup 219 was transacted in the early morning hours at Starbucks, zip code, 97071. Unlike me regular routine, I bypassed the drive-thru and went into the store.  As the friendly barista rang up my items I asked the patron behind me if I might buy her daily cup. She was a little surprised, understandably, but obliged. I quickly made a few quick cracks to ease the awkwardness and assured her that I was not loony, but rather, an *expert* at approaching and buying coffee for strangers! I gave her a bit of explanation about my blog project and how I typically ease the awkwardness by using the drive-thru. Upon hearing this exchange, one of the regular (drive-thru)  baristas popped her head up from under a counter and hollered at me: “Yeah, just what exactly are you doing in the store this morning?” I just smiled, enjoying the moment that sometimes I just like to shake it up. Today was no exception.

As coffee, laughs, money, and iPhone app points were exchanged, that grateful and surprised patron thanked me. She asked my name, and I said: “Francis is my coffee name.” She generously thanked Francis for the coffee and never bothered to ask the details of a coffee name. {See Cup 38 for reference}. Just another bit of the fun with another day down in the project all about Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Hope. Francis scored today.


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