Cup 216

photo-1Today’s Cup 216 was transacted at Starbucks, 97071. It was a long-awaited for cup of kindness as this blog appeared to be on a hiatus for a few weeks. You see, during the course of the past month, I continued to purchase cup after cup after cup, but seemed to lose track of time in documenting the process. So interestingly enough, we’re documenting Cup 216 even though it *might* be cup 260 or so…but let’s not split hairs because, after all, it’s not the count, but the purpose of sharing joy with others.

So, with as much, the official two hundred and sixteenth cup of goodwill for $4.25 went out to the driver of that sedan queued up in my rear-view–under those sunny morning skies. Here’s to another day down and another cup of Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Hope. Until next time.


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