Cup 191

coffee cupToday’s Cup 191 was transacted at Starbucks, zip code 97071. It was a busy morning in the drive-thru, and proved too much for the two vehicles that pulled out of line. Instead of shouting out to the Suzuki behind me, insisting she return for free cup of kindness, I just proceeded as usual. I ordered my regular soy latte and paid for the new unsuspecting patron in my rear-view.

I made my way on to my next stop, prepared for a busy day on campus, away from my daily workplace. As I checked messages, voicemail and emails quickly before the start of my class, I received a great email from a colleague. She happened to be three cars behind me, and said that she too got caught up in the daily chain reaction as today’s Cup of Kindness caught on–and made it’s way into the universe. At least for a snippet of time, anyway. So here’s to another day, and another shot, of Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Kindness.


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One thought on “Cup 191

  1. kristijojedlicki October 11, 2013 at 3:50 pm Reply

    That’s wonderful that your cup of kindness had a ripple effect through the line! It never ceases to amaze me how one seemingly small act can cause a large impact. That is a great way to begin your day and the day of your fellow Starbucks patrons.

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