Cup 164

Today’s Cup 164 was transacted at Starbucks, 97034. As I headed out the door this morning, I wasn’t planning on stopping at Starbucks since I had a cup of home-brew in hand, but after 27 of the 33 mile drive to the college campus, I felt compelled. Quite simply, I pulled into Starbucks out of complete exhaustion. As I’ve been working on full-time+ studies toward a doctoral degree, sleep has come in short fits and spurts these days. This morning my body revolted, and I needed the extra shots of espresso before 8:30. Now, please understand, I’m not seeking pity nor even sympathy, because my busy schedule is definitely a path of my choosing. I am seeking out this academic challenge, and doing so with a joyous heart, though within a sleep-deprived shell!  I share this simple back story as it makes today’s Cup 164 more sweet.

As I was contemplating the solution for my early morning malaise I noticed a Starbucks up ahead–but no drive-thru. An in-store purchase was my only option. Typically this is a non-issue on any given day, but today I considered not talking to anyone, which it so unlike me. But, I was that tired.  And then, in a snap,  the mission of Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Hope took hold. As I mustered up the energy to order my triple espresso, I quickly glanced to the person behind me and said: “Here, please let me pay for yours.” It was a moment that transformed the (previously) quite coffee shop. The man began to shout: “Oh my goodness, it’s this pay it forward thing!” He then (all in fun) turned to the next customer and said: “Do I pay for yours?” Given that he was a frequent visitor and all the local patrons knew him, everyone started to shout out and join in the fun.  Within a matter of seconds everyone was shouting out and laughing and getting a complete kick out of this guy’s way-over-the-top enthusiasm and humor. It perked me up, for sure.

As I headed out the door, he then shouted: “Oh my gosh is Oprah here?” And then I scooted out the door to hear more laughter and chatter among the patrons. It was just a good time. Plain and simple.  After all that, I found it amusing that he ordered a little coffee. All that hoopla was for a cup that barely totaled a $1.40! It was an awesome morning and just the lift I needed.  I then powered on through the rest of my day, amidst a sack lunch, a bunch of books and spirit ready for learning.  ‘Twas a terrifically good day. And then some.


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One thought on “Cup 164

  1. xbox2121 August 1, 2013 at 9:16 am Reply

    I believe in the pay it forward and try to practice it as often as possible. I also try to do at least one kind thing for a stranger every day.

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