Cup 161

coffee cupToday’s Cup 161 was transacted at Starbucks, zip code 97071. The driver of the Toyota Highlander didn’t know what he was missing as he impatiently pulled out from line, narrowly escaping my rear view. Bummer on his part.  In his place appeared the driver of a Honda SUV,  and her cup of kindness rang up to three bucks and change.

As I paid for my cup and the one for the unsuspecting patron of the day, the barista told me that yesterday’s Cup 161 triggered a four car pile-up. That is, a four car pile-up of kindness! She asked again about my blog and I mentioned that I would add her to the story, of course. She doesn’t yet have a coffee name, but I’m calling her Cup 43 Barista for right now, because that’s how I remember her–from way back in the winter.  As we chatted about my blog she asked my name and I quickly replied: “Sharman.” I then quickly backtracked and said: “Oops, I mean Frances. I only use Sharman outside of Starbucks. Please call me Frances, that’s my official coffee name–per sharpie lettering on those paper cups.” She and the other barista chuckled a bit in appreciation of my coffee name, all in good fun, for sure.

So here’s to another day down in the mission of Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Hope. Until next time. This is Frances signing off. Cheers!


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