Cup 152

Cup 152Today’s Cup 152 was transacted at Starbucks, zip code 97071. As I waited for my free latte, thanks to some electronically stashed bonus points, I noticed a blue Ford Mustang queue up behind me. I noticed the temperature read 72°, and the day was still young. I looked to that Mustang with the soft top and hoped that driver was off to enjoy some sunshine and a joyride under a glorious summer sky. A joyride made better by a $6.80 cup of goodwill, for sure.

The friendly barista greeted me and apologized for the backlog as the store was short-handed for the day. I smiled and reassured her I had nowhere to go. It was the start to a blissful Saturday summer morning in my world. As she handed over my latte, she thanked me and called me hon. I love being called hon by those whippersnappers young enough for me to call them hon. It’s a nice little twist of generational irony.

So here’s to another day in the mission of Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Hope. Until next time, or until I pass that Mustang on my next go round. With the top down and under summer skies. With a double espresso in hand. Ride, Sally ride.


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