Cup 104

Today’s Cup 104 was transacted at Starbucks, zip code 97303. It was a simple $6.20 cup of kindness for a grey sedan in my rear-view. The barista quickly rang up the dual transactions and inquired about my day. I shared my enthusiasm for the impending hot latte, which seemed the perfect complement to the Snap Judgement  podcast  streaming thru my iPhone. He then shared his enthusiasm for some freaky sc-fi Canadian podcast that he thought I might like. The idea made me laugh because I’m just too practical, perhaps too efficient to really enjoy sci-fi. It seems such a time waster for me, but I didn’t let on to that effect. I politely thanked him for the suggestion, because I love to hear new ideas–intriguing, impractical or otherwise.

As the barista handed over the latte, I smiled at yet another day. It was one more free cup of coffee in the spirit of Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Hope. I’ve not yet gotten around to checking out that sci-fi radio show, but there’s always tomorrow, and plenty of time for another shot of espresso or chatter about a podcast or two. Cheers.


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