Cup 53

Today’s cup of kindness was transacted at Starbucks, 97124, at a new locale, several miles from home. I am currently attending a conference in my former college hometown with a fabulous group of educators from work. As the day’s session concluded, I felt the urge to drive around the outskirts of town. I hadn’t been to my college hometown in years, and I was enjoying the sights, seeing all the new, yet so familiar, old spots. It was like going back to an old familiar home, so it just made sense that the Starbucks would call my name, too. I felt a particular tug because yesterday’s schedule prevented me from conducting my daily blog project.

The order was simple, just a $5.15 cup or two, but the barista was a hoot. While waiting for my order, he asked me what I was up to. He asked about my day. He chatted. And chatted some more. He too, was from my college town, and his two minutes made me laugh. The laughter took me home, back to those college days. He thanked me for my purchase for the stranger in the sedan behind me, and I described my blog. He said he’d check it out.

As we wrapped up the order, I assured him that he would be the rock star of today’s Cup 53. I had to smile because the day’s mission had looped back and connected me with one young friendly barista that took me on a stroll down memory lane. Although he was barely a kid when I shared his hometown during those college days, he made me feel like we were neighbors. And, for that patron in my rear-view? I imagine he made her feel the same. Maybe I was the one making the purchase today, but I believe the real gem of today’s act of kindness was that rock-star-kid of a barista. Here’s to another day in the journey of Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Hope. May you find kindness, joy and a little laughter on your next stroll down memory lane, wherever that may lead.


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