Cup 43

coffee cupToday’s cup of Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Hope was purchased at Starbucks, zip code 97071. As the barista rang up the $3.18 order for the car behind me, she asked if I wanted to take part in the customer satisfaction survey; reminding me that positive feedback is really valued by employees. I quickly responded: “Well, you don’t know it, but you get feedback every day on my blog! I write about how you baristas are part of my project, as I give away cups of kindness, for the entire year.”

As she handed over my receipts,  I described my project in more detail. I  told her to be sure to read today’s blog post, as she would be the star of Cup 43. I told her she would be described as the cute (blonde) barista with great glasses.  Upon hearing this, she quickly laughed, turned around, and then said: “Oh wait, is there another cute barista with glasses?” She clearly did not want someone else to get credit for her starring barista role today, for sure. As I drove off, sipping my soy latte, I imagined the fun I’d have writing today’s post. So here’s to another successful day, and a great barista who made it all the more joyful.  Until tomorrow, fully caffeinated, for sure.


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