Cup 37

Today’s cup of kindness took place at Starbucks, zip code 97303. Once again, my husband joined me on the daily mission, after enjoying a long, quiet weekend day at home. As the barista rang up our daily total, we realized no one queued up behind us. Instead of claiming today’s attempt a complete bust, I pulled out a Starbucks coupon for a free drink. I had been saving the coupon for just an occasion. It was a coupon that was garnered via my Cup 22 transaction a while back.  I asked the barista to please give it to the next customer, since no one was behind us at the moment.

As the barista listened to, and honored my request, he said: “Oh, so you’re the one with the blog!” I had to laugh a little. Yes, guilty. He continued to ring up the order and said, “Yeah, one of the baristas posted your blog address for all of us.” I had to smile at the fun of all of it. Perhaps if they become blog readers, they’ll recognize themselves within each day’s transaction of goodwill and kindness. I’d like to think they will enjoy being a part of each day’s Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Hope. I know I sure do. Until another day, fully caffeinated and then some.


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