Cup 36

Today’s transaction was a two-for-one at Starbucks, zip code 97071. Unlike most days, today I brought a trusty sidekick, my husband, along for the ride. It was late in the evening, with a chilly 32° temperature and thick-as-pea-soup fog. As we pulled into the drive-thru, we noticed no one queued up behind us, but we did notice a man sitting out front, alone, appearing to have no other destination. It appeared as if he was wearing and carrying everything he might own.

As the barista rang up my order, we ordered an additional cup, to give to the man shivering out front in the night’s cold. As we began paying for the orders, lo and behold, a patron showed up in our rear-view. We were back in business. Today’s Cup 36, for the patron behind us, rang up to $11.90, and the barista was a tad surprised that we swung for the total. Buy hey, it’s sort of what I do these days. All in a day’s work, I thought.

And, as for that gentleman who sat alone out front, he seriously appreciated the hot cup of coffee. He thanked my husband, as well as I, since I stayed in the car given my unpreparedness for exiting the car. Had I intended getting out of the car, I never would have worn flip-flops and tattered sweats, and neglected to brush my hair. But then again, when it comes to paying-it-forward, no one really cares what you wear, right? So, here’s to another successful mission of Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Hope. May you be inspired to share a little love and kindness to someone who may not have a home tonight. Until tomorrow, and God bless.


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One thought on “Cup 36

  1. istopforsuffering January 21, 2013 at 1:04 am Reply

    This is so inspiring :-). So glad I found your blog. Blessings, Meg

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