Cup 30

Cup 30Today’s 30th cup of kindness took place at Starbucks, zip code 97303. As the Honda sedan pulled up behind me, I knew today’s transaction would be pretty simple. I decided to use my gold card bonus points to splurge on a fancy coffee for myself.

The barista was happy to ring up the $3.75 order for the stranger in my rear-view. I smiled and said: “Yep, I have about three hundred and some days left!” The barista gave me one of those polite smiles that they in the service industry fake, particularly when dealing with nutty customers. I could tell that the barista was a little baffled, so I realized I needed a quick, redemptive remark and said: “Paying for others’ coffee, I mean. I’ve committed to doing this for an entire year.”

As the barista handed over my fancy machiatto-something-or-other, his expression changed, and clearly showed he’d enough context to fully understand. I was happy to see that I’d turned from nutty customer to a nice, generous patron doing kind acts of goodwill. He gave me a two-thumbs up and a quick “Awesome!” I was pleased to right the confusion, since it’s way too early in the 365 day project to get a reputation as an incoherent blathering oddball that frequents their drive-thru. After all, these baristas are the key to my success. Their support is the back half of my daily cup of kindness, for sure.

So here’s to another daily transaction, successfully let loose into the coffee-loving world. Wishing all the best, in the spirit of Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Hope.


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