Cup 26

Cup 26Today’s cup of caffeinated goodwill took place at Starbucks, zip code 97303. It was a veritable success. A coffee slam dunk. The wintry, evening temperature dropped, and it didn’t take any coaxing to order a hot latte. After a couple of recent missed attempts on this coffee adventure, I was pleased to see a sedan in my rear-view.

As the barista rang up my order, I asked to pay for the order behind me. She paused and said: “Um, I think it’s a pretty hefty one, are you sure?” I assured her it was fine, as part of my daily routine. I told her there’s still 339 days left on this journey, buying coffee for strangers. She then joked about tonight’s $9.20 transaction, and asked if I give myself extra credit for the days I buy more than a single cup of coffee. It made me laugh. We quickly calculated that despite today being Cup 26, theoretically, it could be Cup 57. Maybe, I thought, with some really creative math and an extra shot of espresso.

The barista’s enthusiasm and great sense of humor really made the night. Though I’ll never meet today’s free coffee recipient, I’d like to think her smile was as bright as that barista’s. Perhaps after that first free sip. Here’s to another double shot of Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Hope.


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