Cup 23

Cup 23Today’s purposeful cup of generosity was attempted at Starbucks, zip code 97303, as I was on my way to a monthly ukulele club meeting. Although I was primed to purchase a free cup for an unknown patron, no one queued up in the drive-thru behind me. Early on, I decided against extensive measures to transact my daily project of goodwill. Mind you, I committed to this for 365 consecutive days. For the sake of sustainability, I had to make it manageable. No heroic feats of coffee acquisition. I keep it simple.

As I rolled out of the drive-thru, sipping my latte, I quickly came up with a solution. Today’s coffee wasn’t meant to be, and instead I would pay for someone’s $2.00 entrance fee for ukulele club. I was pleased with the simple solution. I imagined that my coffee/uke-fee would vicariously meet the daily mission. Still in the spirit of kindness and joy, right?

The plan seemed like such a good idea, and then I arrived at the meeting space. The parking lot was empty. Instead of seeing 40+ cars lined up with goofy GCEA and I Brake for Ukes bumper stickers, I was the only one. My iPhone confirmed it, I arrived a week early, with two beautiful Mya-Moe Ukuleles in hand. Quite a way to start off the New Year, 2013.

With no new plan, or errands to run, I made my way home. Determined to salvage the afternoon, I opened a gift bottle of Merlot and played some tunes. Myrtle, my favorite uke, politely posed as a substitute for today’s coffee photo. Savoring the Merlot, I started making tonight’s dinner to celebrate the end of 12 Days of Christmas. Blessed Epiphany.

Here’s to the mission, Fully Caffeinated Generosity & Hope, wherever it may be found. I’m sure the drive-thru will be packed tomorrow, of course.


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