Cup 17

Today’s mission of goodwill was transacted at Starbucks, zip code 97071, on this last day of 2012. It took some time to navigate holiday traffic as the coffee shop is adjacent to one of the largest shopping outlets in the universe. I was happy to wait as I had plenty of time on my hands as evidenced by the homemade soup perking in the Crock-Pot at home. I love to make soup when I have time. Especially vacation time.

As I pulled into the drive-thru I considered ordering a sandwich to go with my small cup of decaf. I was tempted to get a light lunch, knowing that my lentil soup was still hours from ready, but then decided against. Just the thought of homemade soup seemed worth the wait.  It would be just one small cup of  coffee to go.

The barista looked new, or at least new to me. She was efficient and happy to swipe my iPhone app twice to pay for order in the white sedan behind me. Before charging me for the patron in my rear-view, she double checked: “Um…the other person ordered a coffee and a sandwich. It’s going to be $7.20. Do you want to get just the coffee?” I told her not to bother, and just ring up the total. As I sipped my tall decaf and watched a few snowflakes fall softly,  I had to smile.  I guess I got that sandwich after all.


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