Cup 7

Welcome to Cup 7, purchased at Starbucks, zip code 97071. The backdrop to today’s coffee transaction was the tolling of twenty-six somber bells, with each chime representing a victim of the tragic loss from Newtown, CT.

As per my usual routine, the radio was tuned to local public broadcasting. As our Pacific Northwest clock lags a few hours behind most of the nation, I heard the reporter describe the communal moment of silence. The bells slowly punctuated the moment of silence, which was still during the dark, early, morning hours of my time zone. The sad, somber tolling reminded me of the inspiration behind this blog project–the reason I felt compelled to bring a daily cup of joy to someone in the first place.  This morning’s event was a poignant reminder, with Cup 7, marking one full week of sorrow.

As I listened to the NPR reporter describe the scene in Newtown, amidst the continual tolling, I wondered if the woman in the moss-green Land Rover was listening as well. As she sipped her $1.99 coffee, did she too, wipe the tears from her eyes while  listening to the carol of these somber, twenty-six bells?


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